Monthly Archives: December 2016

New Publications

Two of our manuscripts have been recently published, both utilizing optical coherence tomography to further study collagen fiber organization within organ systems.

Qu D, Chuang PJ, Prateepchinda S, Spalazzi JP, Balasubramanian P, Yao X, Boskey AL, Doty SB, Hendon CP, and Lu HH. Micro- and Ultrastructural Characterization of Age-Related Changes at the Anterior Cruciate Ligament-to-Bone Insertion. ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering. (2016) In Press

Wang Yao **, Yu Gan *,* Kristin Myers, Joy Vink, Ronald Wapner, and Christine P. HendonPregnant and Non-Pregnant Collagen Fiber Orientation and Dispersion of the Upper Cervix. PLOS One. 11(11): e0166709. (2016) . [dataset]