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Structure Function Laboratory at Columbia University Electrical Engineering Department

Principal Investigator

Christine Fleming, Christine Hendon, Christine Fleming HendonChristine (Fleming) Hendon, Ph.D.
Associate Professor Electrical Engineering January 2018 – present
Assistant Professor Electrical Engineering September 2012 – 2017
B.S. Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) 2004
M.S. and Ph.D. Biomedical Engineering Case Western Reserve University  2007 and 2010, respectively.
Post-doctoral fellowship Wellman Center for Photomedicine at Harvard Medical School/Massachusetts General Hospital  2012.

Doctoral Students

Nathan Lin

Ching (Nathan) Lin
Doctoral student in Electrical Engineering. September 2013 – present.
B.S. Electrical Engineering John Hopkins University.
M.S. Electrical Engineering Columbia University
Co-advised by Prof. Christine Hendon and Prof. Elizabeth Olson.

Theresa2Theresa Lye
Doctoral student. Electrical Engineering. September 2013 – present
Columbia Presidential Fellow
B.S. Electrical Engineering Rutgers University
M.S. Electrical Engineering Columbia University

jamesmcleanJames McLean
MS/PhD Student. Electrical Engineering.September 2016 – Present
B.S. Electrical Engineering Northeastern University


Diana Mojahed
MS/PhD Student. Biomedical Engineering. September 2016 – Present
B.S. Physics and Biology Tufts University



Alex (Soo Young) Park
Doctoral Student. Electrical Engineering. January 2018 – Present
MS Electrical Engineering Columbia University

Rajinder Singh-MoonRajinder Singh-Moon
Doctoral Student. Electrical Engineering. August 2014 – Present
B.S. Electrical Engineering and minor in Mathematics Polytechnic Institute of New York University
M.S. Electrical Engineering Columbia University


Masters Students

Rohan Bareja. Columbia University Data Sciences.
Jun Hyek Jang. Columbia University Electrical Engineering
Victoria Mathieu. Columbia University Biomedical Engineering
Abhyuday Puri. Columbia University Electrical Engineering


Elsa Angelini, PhD
Emilio Arteaga-Solis, MD
Richard Ha, MD
Hanina Hibshoosh, MD
Vivek Iyer, MD
Michal Lipson, PhD
Helen Lu, PhD
Charles Marboe, MD
Kristin Myers, PhD
Elizabeth Olson, PhD

Lab Alumni

  • Cindy (Xin) Yu, MS. Biomedical Engineering 2019. Starting position:
  • Yu Gan, PhD. Columbia Univ. Electrical Eng 2017. Starting position: Assist Prof Univ. of Alabama
  • Yuye Ling, PhD. Columbia Univ. Electrical Eng 2018. Starting position: Assist Prof Shanghai Jiao Tong University
  • Xinwen Yao, PhD. Columbia Univ. Electrical Eng 2018. Starting position: Johns Hopkins Postdoctoral Fellowship
  • Syed Bin Amir, MS. Columbia Univ. Electrical Eng 2015. Starting position: UConn PhD Program
  • Christopher Aswin Hermawi, MS. Columbia Univ Electrical Eng  2014. Starting Position: Intel
  • Priya Balasubramania, MS Columbia Univ Electrical Engineering 2016. Starting Position: Cornell PhD Program
  • Ernest Chang, MD PhD Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons 2017. Starting Position: NYU Residency
  • Christine Fung, MS. Columbia Univ. Biomedical Eng 2014. Starting Position: Columbia Univ
  • Andres Medina, BS. Columbia Univ. Electrical Eng  2015. Starting Position: Boeing
  • Jillian Ross, BS. Columbia Univ. Chemical Eng 2016. Starting Position: Pfizer
  • Diego Song, BS. Columbia Univ. Electrical Eng 2016. Starting Position: NIH
  • Linda Sun, BS. Columbia Univ. Electrical Eng  2014. Starting Position: Intel
  • Dustin Tran, MS. Columbia Univ. Electrical Eng 2015. Starting Position: Univ. of Arizona PhD Program
  • Akachi Ukwu, BS. Columbia Univ. Chemical Eng 2015. Starting Position: Loreal
  • Yang Zhao, MS. Columbia Univ. Electrical Eng 2013. Starting Position: Duke PhD Program