Fall 2013. ELEN E4488

ELEN E4488 — Optical Systems

Fall 2013

Lecturer: Prof, Christine P. Fleming Hendon

                         Office Hours:     By appointment
                         E-mail address: cfleming@ee.columbia.edu
                         Class Website
Teaching Assistant: Yuye Ling
Day and Time: Thursdays 1:10 – 3:40PM
Class Location: Mudd 1127
Credits for Course: 3 Points

Course Objective:
Optics is a highly disciplinary field with broad impact on numerous contemporary engineering systems including communications, displays, networking, imaging, and micro/nano-fabrication to name just a few. Understanding the fundamental nature of this enabling technology and learning how to go about designing systems for these and other important applications are extremely valuable toolsets for the modern engineer. This course will examine the field of optics from an engineering perspective, beginning with the basic electromagnetic theory required for a higher-level understanding and commencing with the tools required to design a variety of optical systems.

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