Fall 2015. ELEN E4488

ELEN E4488 – Optical Systems – Fall 2015



Course Faculty:

Prof. Christine P. Hendon
Email: cpf2115@columbia.edu
Office hours: Tuesdays, 9:30 AM – 11:30 PM. CEPSR 805

Teaching Assistant:

Nathan Ching Lin
Email: cl3159@columbia.edu
Office hours: Wednesdays, 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm. CEPSR 820
Points: 3
Class Time: Thursdays, 1:10 pm–3:40 pm.
Location: TBD

Course Text/Reference Material

Optics 4th Edition — Eugene Hecht

Supplemental Reading

Fourier Optics 3rd Edition — Joseph W Goodman 

Motivation and Description:

Optics is a highly disciplinary field with broad impact on numerous contemporary engineering systems including communications, displays, networking, imaging, and micro/nano-fabrication to name just a few. Understanding the fundamental nature of this enabling technology and learning how to go about designing systems for these and other important applications are extremely valuable toolsets for the modern engineer. This course will examine the field of optics from an engineering perspective, beginning with the basic electromagnetic theory required for a higher-level understanding and commencing with the tools required to design a variety of optical systems. 

Grading and evaluation methods

Problem Sets 25%
First Exam 25%
Second Exam 25%
Final Project 25%

Course Schedule (Fall 2015)

Date Topic Reading Problem Set Assigned Problem Set Due
Sept 10 Course Overview, Basic Properties of Light, Electromagnetic Optics Hecht 3,4 PS1 Handed Out
Sept 17 Geometrical Optics Hecht 5, 6
Sept 24 MATLAB and Optics Tutorial Handout PS2 Handed Out PS1 Due
Oct 1 Geometrical Optics


Hecht 5, 6
Oct 8 Superposition of Waves Hecht 7 PS3 Handed out PS 2 Due
Oct 15 Polarization and Review Hecht 8 PS 4 Handed out PS 3 Due
Oct 22 First Exam
Oct 29 Interference Hecht 9
Nov 5 Diffraction Hecht 10 PS 5 Handed out PS 4 Due
Nov 12 Fourier Optics and Coherence Hecht 11, 12 Class project proposal due
Nov 19 Fourier Optics and Imaging Systems Handout PS 6 Handed out PS5 Due
Nov 26 No Class Thanksgiving
Dec 3 Modern Optics: Lasers, Holography, Fiber Optics Hecht 13, Handout PS6 Due
Dec 10 Optical System Examples: Microscopy, Adaptive Optics, Optical Coherence Tomography, Optical Communication. Review Handout Project Reports Due
TBD Second Exam