Spring 2014. ELEN 4830

ELEN 4830 – Digital Image Processing

Lecturer: Christine P. Fleming Hendon
                         Office Hours:     By appointment
                         E-mail address: cfleming@ee.columbia.edu
                         Class Website
Day and Time: Thursdays 1:10PM – 3:40PM
Class Location: TBD
Credits for Course: 3 Points

: Signals and systems or equivalent required; Familiarity with probability and linear algebra. Intended for seniors, juniors, or beginning graduate students.

: Introduction to theories, algorithms, and practical solutions of digital image/video perception, acquisition, color representation, quantization, transform, enhancement, filtering, multi-spectral processing, restoration, analysis, feature extraction, segmentation, morphological transform, and compression.

Students will gain understanding of algorithm design, mathematical tools, and practical implementations of various digital image applications.  Considerations of practical system requirements (e.g., medical, satellite, consumer) will be discussed.

Textbook: Digital Image Processing. 3rd Edition. by Rafael Gonzalez and Richard Woods

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